• To cultivate well-rounded, capable philosophers familiar with both the Anglo-American and European-Continental traditions of philosophy.
  • To cultivate a solid appreciation of the canonical periods of Western philosophy, emphasizing that contemporary research rests upon a critical appropriation of such traditions.
  • To enable the student to think clearly, systematically, and critically about philosophical issues.
  • To encourage students to develop their own autobiographically sensitive and socially responsible approach to philosophical inquiry.
  • To give students the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of philosophy and to develop this special area of interest in an interdisciplinary fashion.
  • To cultivate a student’s ability to engage in original philosophical inquiry by offering intensive, closely directed tutorial instruction.
  • To supervise and support students in producing a scholarly manuscript documenting some degree of expertise and originality in a special area of contemporary research.
  • To cultivate an appreciation for aesthetic experience as a source of critical insight, existential flexibility, and life-orienting motivations necessary for the full reach and depth of philosophical sensitivity.
  • To mentor students in gaining professional comportment in formal conference settings.