What Can I Do with a Philosophy Major

The study of philosophy is excellent training for any activity that requires thinking. Philosophy majors do many different things after graduation. Many go into law or medicine. Others work for government, education or other non-profit organizations. Philosophers with a special interest in mind and cognition often work in cognitive science or other technical fields; those with advanced training in ethics can work for hospitals providing ethical counsel. Because of the intensive training in writing clearly about subjects that are subtle or complex, some philosophy majors pursue careers in publishing, editing, technical writing, or in test development for the various educational testing services.


Employers know the training in analytical thinking and writing provided by the study of philosophy are especially valuable in times of great technological change, when knowledge of specific practical procedures soon becomes outdated. Many employers find they have to provide extensive specialized training after the employee is hired no matter what the employee studied in college. Such employers, including international business consulting firms and investment firms, want to hire people who know how to learn new things, not just people who already have some knowledge.

Choosing Philosophy Courses for My Discipline…