Faculty and Staff

Christopher Latiolais

Associate Professor

Department Chair and
Director of Critical Theory

Phone: 269.337.7076
Office: Humphrey House, room 201
Email: christopher.latiolais@kzoo.edu


  • 20th-Century European Continental Philosophy
  • 19th-Century European Continental Philosophy
  • Critical Social Theory
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Psychoanalysis
  • Philosophy of Literature


  • Philosophy of Law
  • Philosophy of Social Sciences
  • Philosophy of Art
Chris Latiolais

Chris Latiolais’ Curriculum Vitae

Paper and Conference Abstracts

Max G. Cherem

Associate Professor

and Pre-Law Advisor

Phone: 269.337.7077
Office: Humphrey House, room 202
Email: max.cherem@kzoo.edu


  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Ethics


  • Biomedical Ethics
  • Critical Social Theory
  • Philosophy of Law
Max Cherem 2022

Max Cherem’s Curriculum Vitae

Deia Sportel

Academic Office Coordinator

Phone: 269.337.7043
Office: Humphrey House, room 110
Email: deia.sportel@kzoo.edu

Deia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Cornerstone University, and is a Certified Green Dot Instructor.