200-Level Intermediate Courses

History and Traditions Courses:

  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Early Modern Philosophy
  • 18th-Century Philosophy
  • 19th-Century: From Kant to Nietzsche

Special Subfield Course:

  • Ancient Philosophy (Highly recommended for Classics students)
  • Early Modern Philosophy (Highly recommended for Computer Science and Psychology students)
  • 18th Century Philosophy (Highly recommended for Psychology, Computer Science, and English students)
  • 19th Century Philosophy (Highly recommended for Psychology, English, and Political Science students)
  • Philosophy & Science (Highly recommended for Science students)
  • The Philosophy of Law (Highly recommended for Political Science and Pre-Law students)
  • Philosophy of the Social Science (Highly recommended for Psychology, Social Science, and History students)
  • The Philosophy of Art (Highly recommended for Fine Arts students)